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The Ludic Society Monowheel is an absurd instrument in the sense of ´pataphysical tradition, it is useless but at the same time a working technological tool; an artisan expressive circuit board, which serves as live performance instrument in the Reality Game Engine. The self-etched circuit board, its intrinsic 'patapyhsical circuitry providing electric current rides on the wild side of copper, are design metaphors, transgressing theory machines into an Expérience of PCB boards as "objet de jeu, de vie et d'art" (=objects for play, live and art), whereas the Monowheel remains as a self-sufficient game interface itself.
Preserving the extravaganza of an absurd and useless interface, the ambiguity oscillates between retorsion of unspoken words and its chosen spiral slope metaphor, but never neglects its self-inherited uselessness, being a Reality Engine Device to play and live the dada-funk!

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