Pong Dress

--------------------------a project by Margarete Jahrmann--------------------------

Apparently, Valie Export's <Tap and Touch Cinema> is sur-facing as the obvious analogue pop-art-cultural-reference to Max & Marguerite Charmantes <Ludic Pong Dress>. Whilst the games at dis_play vary to some extend, the symbiotic dedication and obsession for the playground's finesse remain the same. Both experience-based-designs build on the following contention. That a timely mediatisation of a current societies desires (transgressing sexual and ludic boundaries) build on a convincing frontwall, will do the job of seducing the witnessing spectators. Both, the privileged active players and the countless inter_passive observers, will be sucked into the game. The fundamental difference homes in entirely awaited: in its contemporary variety, the game will becoming a play with nothing but the products of one's associative power. While the 'touch and feel' quality of Export's predecessor has been paved away by the 'iconographic ardour'of Charmantes LE.D.IS_PLAY. text by Jo Maier, Zurich.

Hard- and software development by Gordan Savicic, 2006-2007

C-code by Håvard Moen and Håkon A. Hjortland
/ compiled under debian2.4 with atmel stk-500 board.

READ the FM4 feature of RealPlayer Seminar, Hochschule Angewandte Kunst 2006, Vienna Prater*
SEE live Real Fashion-PONG, played on the front of Marguerite Charmante in front of historic Vienna's Giant wheel, the "Riesenrad" (1897)
 POng dress players at FlUC Vienna PONG dress players at the Riesenrad Wien  2 players at Praterstern Vienna
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2009: NIMK, nehterlands Insitute of Media arts http://5daysoff.nl/index.php?id=409&videoID=16s9BkJnpwg
Fashionshow In Melkweg/ Paradiso Amsterdam, //

I-machine. Edith-RussHaus Oldenburg


Mythos *Pong* Kornhausforum Bern

Games Convention Leipzig

FILE Festival Brasilien


Mediaforum Moscow, game console and nudity

FAQ Festival SESC, São Paulo ////////

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